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Nothing But Trouble: Becky Howland and Josh Mannis @ KMG opens October 25th, 2014

KNOWMOREGAMES struggles to find words to describe its excitement with the pairing of Josh Mannis and Becky Howland in its upcoming show Nothing But Trouble
An old town not good for anything anymore. It's been picked over, people are bored out of their minds. A big money guy rolled through ten years ago and declared it a lost cause. Nothing's off limits and people are doing it in the streets. Everybody's watching Everybody. 
On the porches, in the churches, in line at the grocery store a repeating dialogue is faintly heard:
Babe: Come on, death for running a stop sign?
Judge: *And* for being a banker! That's the double death. I don't hear no sirens
If it was an ambulance you got a chance, if it's in a hearse, it's got to be worse!
Babe: Gimme a chance?
Observer: Not gonna happen, shoulda been smarter
Judge: You know, you are worse than a week of yellow shitstorms. All I know is in '17 after they shipped me off to fight, some New York financier rolled into here one day and hog-glowsered and tub-wankled my grandfather into mining out the whole town in exchange for shares in something called the United Coke Company. Do you know what those stock certificates are worth today? JUST ABOUT THE FINEST OUTHOUSE WALLPAPER YOU'VE EVER SEEN! We were forced to become what you drove through today; a burnt out coal field and the biggest icebox graveyard this side of the Ohio foundry belt! And that's why I *never* let a banker go!
Observer: Just like a bunch of spiders in a birthday cake!
Observer 2: Not like it matters.
Rituals come and go with the seasons, but power never stops pressing. We can watch each other get squeezed forever or we can activate an emergency response, the horror-comedy, the cackle of the masses. Let's take this town back!

Amy Yao, Boom Time Ecosystems @ Mathew Gallery opens October 23rd, 2014 from 7-10pm

Schaperstrasse 12
10719 Berlin, Germany 
0049 / 30 / 21021921 

Antoine Catala, New Feelings @ 47 Canal


Tamara Gonzales @ Klaus von Nichtssagend opens this Friday, October 24th, 2014


"Owl (Snowy Owl), 2014," 2014, Ann Craven


"Spigot," 1971, Alfonso Ossorio


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Andra Ursuta and Lucas Blalock, Tongue Mops and Bunny Pictures @ Ramiken Crucible


October 25: Jonathan Horowitz: 590 Dots with Black Dice @ 356 Mission

356 Mission, Ooga Booga, and Jonathan Horowitz are happy to announce the completion of all 590 Dots for Jonathan Horowitz's "590 Dots!" 

Special thanks to all 590 participants! 

Everyone is invited to join us in celebrating this project on Saturday, October 25 at 8pm

With a performance by Black Dice and DJ set by Avey Tare 

at 356 S. Mission Road 
Los Angeles, California 

Seob Boninsegni, We Own The Night @ Truth and Consequences

"d-day," Manfred Pernice, 2014


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Untitled, 2014, Joshua Abelow


"impracticable enceinte (b)," 2014, Suzan Frecon


Pharrell Williams Interviews David Salle & KAWS



Vandals Deflate an Eyebrow-Raising Sculpture in Paris

PARIS – Vandals deflated a giant sculpture that resembled a sex toy this weekend, bringing down an installation by the provocative American artist Paul McCarthy in the heart of the French capital’s luxury neighborhood, Place Vendôme.
On Saturday, Mr. McCarthy and local authorities said he would not seek to re-inflate the 80-foot lime green sculpture, which he had described as a tree but critics said looked like something much more prosaic: an anal plug.
Because of “acts of vandalism,” the tree will not be reinstalled, according to the Festival of International Contemporary Art, which is running Oct. 23-26 at the Grand Palais in Paris and which sponsored Mr. McCarthy.
“After the violent reactions, the artist was disturbed by the potential impact of the work,” according to the group. After the tree was installed last Thursday, a man slapped Mr. McCarthy three times and screamed that he was not French and that his work should not be in Paris.
The towering sculpture quickly provoked an angry response on social networks, particularly among conservative Catholic groups, with tweets about a giant plug disfiguring Place Vendôme.
The destruction of the tree remains under police investigation. But in the meantime, Mr. McCarthy’s other works will get attention with the reopening of the Paris Mint this month, in a McCarthy exhibition called “Chocolate Factory.”
Mr. McCarthy, 69, from Los Angeles, is known for his subversive streak, shown in works like the 2007 inflatable installation “Complex Pile,” depicting a pile of feces.

Dena Yago, You and You're People @ BFA Boatos


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